Nutrition Counseling

Let’s work together and find the foods and eating style that suits you and makes you feel great! Whether you are seeking qualified nutrition advice for general health and wellness or in need of a disease-specific prevention or treatment plan, I’ll be your personal coach to guide you through your health journey and help you reach your goals. 


Private Yoga Lessons

Intrigued by yoga, but not quite sure you want to get down dog in a group class full of hardcore yogis? Totally understandable. We’ve ALL been there. Set up private lessons with me and I’ll teach you the basics, including proper alignment of poses and modifications, breath work (pranayama), meditation and explain all the benefits so you get the most out of your practice.

Don’t want to do this alone? Include your partner or best friend and we’ll make this a semi-private yoga lesson!


Special Events & Workshops

Make your event extra special with a group yoga sesh! I’m talking bachelorette parties, pre-wedding festivities, weekend retreats, birthday parties, and work events. Follow yoga with a healthy spread of the freshest assortment of food and refreshing libations! 

Want to host a nutrition workshop? Let’s talk nutrition and customize an event for your attendees. 


Media Content & Partnerships

  • Recipe development and menu planning
  • Social media content and product reviews
  • Community and corporate nutrition and wellness presentations 
  • Yoga video tutorials
  • Brand ambassadorship and modeling